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400 Route 38 Suite 1315 Moorestown, NJ 08057
400 Route 38 Suite 1315 Moorestown, NJ 08057
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Location 1: Williamstown
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Candace Founder

"This little shop has a long story. I’m Candace the founder and co owner. Born to White Trash, thrown into survival way to young, my mind and spirit have been battered beyond understanding. My introduction to crystal comes from my oldest friend, Suzzanne, being a true hippie she blessed me her knowledge and faith of healing through meditation, intentions and clean food. The one thing I could always go to for calm and peace has been the Earth. May it be green grass, beaches with blue skies or the mountains and streams, just thinking about it all can calm and relax my fears. When I was lucky enough to find this little shop to display my art after battling flair ups and becoming unemployable. Our amazing grandson came up with my “retail” “Grammy you should sell rocks, you love rocks.” He is right, every one needs a good rock in life, that is what I often tell all of them. Never be afraid to be someones rock. Love a rock. Look where its been, the history and strength it holds. Forgive its tumbles, love all the chips and marks, find your inner peace and set your Intentions strong. Have faith for the next generation to become mountains. Strong, faithful and united. God Bless Bless it be Amen Have faith Peace be with you"